How are the Model 70 rifle barrels formed?

Winchester rifles and shotguns have been made at vrious locations around the world.

For a sevearl years Winchester Model 70 barrels were made in the same American factory that produces barrels for the rifles and machine guns used by the U.S. Armed Forces around the world.  With the exception of the stainless version, every Model 70 barrel was cold hammer-forged from a solid billet of steel for accuracy and long life.  Massive rotary hammers shape the barrel steel around a mandrel to create the rifling.  The barrel was threaded, target crowned and installed on the receiver.  The chamber was then reamed and the bolt is headspaced.  This way you could expect 1 MOA accuracy of three-shot groups from your Model 70 using a properly managed barrel, quality match ammo and superior optics under ideal weather and range conditions.

Many of these same processes are used today, although the barrels of your Model 70 are likely button swaged. A process which offers a similary outcome in terms of accuracy and strength to hammer forging.