Winchester Firearms Parts Listings

Please Read Carefully Before Ordering

 Certain replacement parts require special tools and special knowledge for proper installation. For this reason the sale of Winchester firearm components is governed by the following restrictions:
 ** Sold for factory installation only – return complete firearm.
 * Sold only to gunsmiths who have executed an agreement with us, otherwise for factory installation only.
 + Not sold to consumers. Installation must be made by a gunsmith. Orders from dealers and distributors will be accepted on the understanding that the parts will be fitted by a gunsmith.

 Specify catalog number and part name.
 Specify model and serial number.
 Specify caliber or gauge.
 Specify type (Skeet, Trap, Duck, Field, Target, etc.)
 Specify grade (Pigeon, DeLuxe, Custom, etc.)

Winchester parts are made exclusively for Winchester guns and are not recommended for use in other guns even though models may be similar. Inadequately fitted parts may be dangerous.

If you can’t identify the part in the catalog, send it to us. We’ll gladly do it for you. Each item should be clearly tagged with your name and address, or that of your customer’s, and the requirements.

All mail orders are processed promptly and shipped at once. HOWEVER, WE URGE YOU TO PLACE YOUR STOCK ORDERS WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE HUNTING SEASON. FROM MARCH THROUGH JULY is the best time to send them in.

All shipments of parts and repairs are F.O.B. New Haven, CT. Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.

Please send your order with payment to the attention of our PARTS DEPT. at: U.S. Repeating Arms Co., 3005 Arnold Tenbrook Road, Arnold, Missouri 63010-9406. You may pay by check, money order or a major credit card (Make check or money order payable to: U.S. Repeating Arms Co. – Credit cards must also include Exp. Date.) covering price of parts, your State Tax, if applicable, plus $5.00 to cover postage, insurance and handling.

Every Winchester firearm accepted for repair, adjustment or refinishing is completely dismantled and each part carefully inspected. Our examination may reveal that additional parts beyond those requested are needed for proper functioning. In each case the customer’s authority to proceed is requested before any work is done. A Winchester firearm repaired or adjusted at the factory must pass the same inspection and tests as a new one. Therefore, we must consistently decline to make partial repairs. Gun locking devices are available at Winchester rifles and shotguns dealers. If you encounter difficulty in locating a locking device for your firearm, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in locating the proper device for your particular model.

Make sure the Model being returned does not correspond with any of those listed under “Discontinued Repair Service,”.
Ship Parcel Post Insured or United Parcel Service. Do the following:

Show Your Own Name and Address
Write a Letter Stating:

What you want done.
What the trouble is.
Model and Serial Number.
Who is shipping the gun?

DO NOT ship gun in a gun case or other special container that must be returned. Use a throwaway type carton.
Please remove any accessories such as sling straps, telescopes, special boots, etc. before shipping gun.

Return firearms to the following address.

Send To:
 U.S. Repeating Arms Co., Inc.
 Firearms Service Center
 3005 Arnold Tenbrook Road
 Arnold, MO 63010-9406

The service charge is made to defray the expense the of unpacking, incoming and final inspection, proof testing, function firing and repacking for shipment.

Parts orders are subject to a minimum billing charge of $10 for dealers and $5 for consumers. The minimum charge will not apply, however, when a low cost item is shipped from backorder. When possible, include other items in order to exceed the minimum. Domestic and Canadian customers please note: To facilitate the purchase of spare parts in United States and Canada we have established a parts distribution center which is listed on the next page.

To facilitate the purchase of spare parts, we have established several parts distribution centers.

Western Gun Parts, Ltd.
 18124-107 Avenue
 Edmonton, Alberta
 Canada T5S 1K5
 Phone: 780-489-5711
 Fax: 780-489-5717

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