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2021 SHOT Show Specials

What is the SHOT Show? Held annually, the SHOT Show is the largest trade show within the firearms industry. It is here where companies like Winchester Repeating Arms officially introduce new products and provide dealers an opportunity to learn about and place orders for products. Because it is a trade show, attendance is limited to store buyers, store owners (and staff), the media and outdoor/gun writers. 

For Winchester Repeating Arms, the SHOT Show is also where we announce exclusive SHOT Show Special guns. Usually limited edition models, SHOT Show Specials are some of the most interesting firearms we produce. These rifles and shotguns are not found in our catalog and it is not unusual for them to be in limited supply. 

2021 will be the first year since 1979 that the SHOT Show will not take place, having been canceled due to the global pandemic that has affected us all. However, we have worked hard to offer a variety of SHOT Show specials via our Virtual SHOT Show, and you can learn about them right alongside industry professionals and dealers right here on winchesterguns.com and through social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook. If a SHOT Show Special catches your eye, be sure to tell your dealer quickly as many of the specials sell out fast.

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