All the news from Winchester at the 2018 SHOT Show.

THE 2018 SHOT SHOW WAS ONE OF THE BEST EVER. It is always the biggest week of the year for the hunting and shooting industry. Each year Winchester Repeating Arms creates a few special products that will be among the most interesting and rare of all Winchesters. We call these "SHOT Show Specials." 

What is the SHOT Show? The annual SHOT Show is the "big show" . . . the "Super Bowl" of the firearms industry. It is where we officially introduce most of our new products to the hunting and shooting industry. And it is where we announce the exclusive SHOT Show Special guns -- some of the most interesting and rarest guns we make. Since it is a trade show this means attendance is limited to store buyers, store owners (and staff), the media and outdoor/gun writers. This is usually everyone's first chance to touch and work the new guns. And some writers and TV personalities even attended a special Winchester range day to try them out. The range day is when many of the articles on new products are researched -- and we provide the results here.


Hot Winchester Guns at the 2018 Show




As soon as they are announced, the top trending SHOT Show Specials will appear here. SHOT Show Specials are created just for the SHOT Show. Your local dealer will be at the show. And he or she will be ordering a selection of rifles and shotguns for 2018. If you see one you are interested in -- especially if it is a SHOT Show Special -- contact him or her and tell your dealer you want one.