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Winchester Knows Bolts

Winchester Knows Bolt Action Rifles

150 Years of Experience

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Since the 1870s
we have been building innovative bolt action rifles.
We have poured all this experience and expertise
into our next generation hunting rifle.

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XPR in the Field
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The Winchester XPR is the hunter's rifle.
Here is a list of reasons it performs so well in the field.
Precision, Protection and Hunt Optimization.

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XPR Precision
Hunter Aiming XPR
XPR M.O.A. Trigger

M.O.A. Trigger

Three times zero. The combination of zero take-up, zero creep and zero over travel add up to something huge. The XPR has a trigger that feels much lighter than its factory set weight that averages about 4 pounds. It all has to do with the mechanical geometry of our exclusive three-lever design. Read More...

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XPR Rifle
Precision Headspace

Precision Headspace

The Head of the Class. Not usually considered an in-the-field advantage, but here is why you can appreciate the unique design of the XPR. By using a barrel nut interface between the barrel and receiver we achieve exceptionally precise headspace control. Winchester knows headspace, having created millions of accurate Model 70s where headspace is a detailed process. Headspace – the dimension between the bolt face and the fully seated cartridge – is a key component in accuracy and safety. With the XPR you get the accuracy that comes from a precision headspace setting, no questions asked. 

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XPR Aiming down Scope
Free Floating Barrel

Free Floating Barrel

A Touchy Subject. If you go back a hundred years or so in firearms history, you will begin to see a growth in understanding the relationship between a barrel, the fore-end, and accuracy. Today we know that if the fore-end is touching the barrel it can affect the point of impact (both accuracy and precision) of your rifle. Not to mention that in-the-field changes in temperature, humidity and even when you rest your rifle on a stump for stability, can all affect accuracy unless . . . you float the barrel, and never let them touch. That is the in-the-field advantage you get with the XPR.

XPR Protection
XPR Aiming down Scope 2
Recessed Target Crown

Recessed Target Crown

Muzzle Control. The XPR's target crown is not about target shooting at all. It is about protecting your muzzle in the real-world hunting environment, where brush and limbs and worse are always in the way. The muzzle can take care of itself, but protecting the exposed tips of the barrel rifling is another matter. Even slight damage to muzzle rifling can severely affect a rifle’s accuracy. By using our process of recessing the exposed rifling lands safely below the muzzle itself, accuracy is protected.

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XPR Aiming down Scope 3
Large Trigger Guard

Large Trigger Guard

No Small Feature. Granddad may have liked to tough it out with cold fingers, but today’s hunters are accustomed to hunting in even more extreme conditions than ever. And we are doing it wearing gloves warm and protect our hands. The larger trigger guard on the XPR gives ample room for reliably inserting your finger in the guard and getting an appropriate contact with the trigger – and then carefully squeezing off an accurate shot. This is not a small feature for the cold weather big game hunter.

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Hunter using XPR
Perma-Cote Finish

Perma-Cote Finish

The Finish Line. Perma-Cote is better than bluing. The XPR breaks tradition by using one of the most weather- and damage-resistant barrel and receiver finishes available. Perma-Cote is not bluing. It is an industrial grade finish that totally protects the treated surfaces from rust or corrosion. Tested for years on other Winchester firearms, it is proven as the best defense against damage and wear and the best way to keep your XPR looking great after years of tough in-the-field use. 

Hunt Optimized
XPR Safety
Safety and Bolt Release

Safety and Bolt Release

At Ease. The XPR’s two-position safety is convenient to operate with the thumb of your firing hand. The safety’s design fully retracts the trigger from the actuator. But the addition of the Bolt Release Button, just in front of the safety button, puts you at even more at ease, allowing you to unload unfired cartridges whiles the safety is on. Very handy. Very safe. The XPR has you covered on safety. 

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Hunter loading XPR Magazine
XPR Detachable Magazine

Detachable Magazine

Pocket Change. Being able to remove (or insert) a full magazine in seconds along with the ability to store additional loaded magazines in your pocket is appreciated by many hunters.

The XPR magazine offers an ultra- reliable, consistent function that puts its primary focus on aligning the cartridge with the chamber precisely with its integrated feed lips on each magazine. From in your pocket, to the magazine well to the chamber, the XPR keeps you prepared in the field with the reliable follow-up shots you expect from a Winchester. 

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XPR Aiming down Scope 3
XPR Inflex Recoil Pad

Inflex Technology

Taking out the bite. One feature you will feel is the Inflex recoil pad technology which softens recoil forces and pulls the comb away from your face. No more talk on this. Try one out. 

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Winchester Knows Bolts

150 Years of Experience

Winchester has been a leader in creating firearms that really work in the field for over 150 years. And since the 1870s we have been developing and making innovative bolt action rifles. Our expertise — for over 80 years — has been embodied in its recognition as the “Bolt Action Rifle of the Century.” Of course, we are talking about the Model 70. We know bolt actions. And we have poured all this experience and expertise into our next generation hunting rifle. And we are sure we got it right in today’s Winchester XPR. The extreme performance hunting rifle of the 21st century. 

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