What are "Exclusive Products?"

What are "Exclusive Products?" Certain Winchester Repeating Arms products are called "Exclusive Products." These unique rifles and shotguns are commissioned by and sold through a specific dealer or group of dealers. These may or may not be limited in quantity, but they are generally available only through the dealer(s) or source(s) listed with the firearm's details. Contact the dealer or group listed for availability information.

All Exclusive Products listed on the Winchester Repeating Arms website are genuine, authorized, "factory" Winchester products -- and are made alongside all other Winchester Repeating Arms products. Some exclusive products are in limited quantities, have extra finishes, have fine engraving or other embellishments that make them unique and highly collectible. Some are supplied with a "Letter (or Certificate) of Authenticity" which can add additional provenance to these special rifles and shotguns. 

Below are a few samples of current (and past) Exclusive Products. Not all Winchester Repeating Arms rifles and shotguns have Exclusive Products as part of their product selection.