Where are Winchester firearms manufactured?

Winchester Model 70.

It is no secret that Winchester Repeating Arms is part of the greater Herstal Group, with factories all around the world. The best factories are used for each model. Some assembly and some production of Model 70s in recent years was in the Herstal Group's South Carolina plant. Since then production has been shifted to our Viana, Portugal plant as indicated on the barrel inscription on current rifles.  Earlier USA-made guns are marked as such. Production was at the New Haven, Connecticut factory until approximately 2006 when that factory closed. The origin of each Model 70 is marked on the barrel. Generally today, key parts are likely sourced in various places worldwide and the rifle assembled in Portugal. This place of manufacture and assembly will be indicated on the barrel. Some hunters and shooters have reasons for purchasing only Made In USA firearms. We understand. But it would be incorrect to base your decision to not buy a Model 70 (or XPR) from our Portugal plant due to a fear of poor performance. Model 70s made and/or assembled in Portugal have stellar quality, accuracy and overall performance that matches or exceeds any production Model 70s ever in our history.

Super X4 (SX4) & Super X3 (SX3) Autoloading Shotguns.

The Super X4 autoloader is the latest in the line of shotguns having their roots in the original Super X Model One, although mechanically the similarities are very vague compared to the original. The Super X4 action is more directly related to the Super X3 and the Super X2 introduced in 1999. The original Super X2 and the Super X3 were made at our partner factory in Belgium, with additional assembly work done in our Portugal plant. Some were made totally at the Portugal plant.  The current Super X4 is made in Portugal and assembled in Portugal at the same factory. 

Super X Pump -- Pump Action Shotgun (SXP).

The SXP is a significant evolution of the exceptional Model 1300 Speed Pump. The Speed Pump established many speed and performance records over the years. The SXP is equally fast and incorporates new levels of quality and excellent value. Today's SXPs are designed and production is overseen by our R&D team in Morgan, Utah. They are then manufactured in our partner factory in Istanbul, Turkey. (Which used to be called Constantinople . . . you already know this if you learned the old song that says, "Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.") Istanbul is a key manufacturing and trade center for Europe. Some SXP parts are sourced from our other Winchester group factories in Western Europe. SXPs are available in field models and Defender versions, and they are all assembled in the same factory. In an interesting bit of history, large numbers of Winchester Model 1866s were sold to the Turkish government in 1870 and Oliver Winchester himself, visited Constantinople (Istanbul) shortly thereafter to secure more sales of other firearms and ammunition.

Model 1894 (Model 94). 

The recent reintroduction of the historic Model 94 was spearheaded from our R&D facility in Utah. We then utilize our Winchester Repeating Arms sister factory in the mountain country near the city of Kochi, Japan. Although the Model 94 is the most recent historic Winchester to be built in this factory it is not the first. Since the mid 1990s all Winchester historic lever actions (formerly called Limited Editions) have been made at this same factory. This includes these rifles: Historic Winchesters: Model 1885 Single Shot, Model 1886 lever action, Model 1892 lever action, Model 1895 lever action, Model 1873 lever action.   

These "Historical Winchesters" are back in production today after being absent from the market for many decades. All were all dropped from production by the original Winchester company over half a century ago. Each of these models was reintroduced by today's Winchester Repeating Arms Company at some point beginning in the 1990s. All are in production today. All are made in our partner factory in Japan.

Model 101 Over and Under. 

The Model 101 is the evolution of a line of fine over and unders that started with the Supreme Series a decade ago. It was designed and coordinated between our teams at the Utah facility and our R&D resources in Belgium and Portugal. It is designed and styled to have the same proven performance of the original Winchester 101s of half a century ago, but utilizes an exceptionally strong low profile lockup and is fitted with all the modern amenities required of a top performing over and under. In every way, today's Model 101s are exquisitely manufactured and show exceptional craftsmanship. All Winchester over and unders in recent years have been made in our partner factory in Belgium with additional assembly work done in our factory in Portugal. The "Made in Belgium" production location is inscribed on the barrel and these are the only production over and unders in the world that currently have the distinction of being made in Belgium.

XPR Bolt Action Rifle.  

Production of XPRs is at our Viana, Portugal plant as indicated on the barrel inscription on the rifles. The Viana plant is one of the premier manufacturing facilities in the world and has a strong reputation for accuracy and precision. 

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NEW HAVEN PLANT CLOSURE. For some, the closure of the Hew Haven facility is still a surprise. If you would like more detailed information, please read the Q&A and Press release issued at the time of the plant closing.