Why should I buy a Super X Pump?

The Super X pump shotgun has many great features.

Black Chrome Protection
Black chrome finishes stand up to years of wear and last longer than traditional bluing.

Rotary Bolt
Four massive lugs allow inertia to start the forearm and slide mechanism rearward as the stock recoils against your shoulder, giving you a head start on the next shot. Dual steel action bars eliminate twisting, binding and wasted time and energy when cycling the action.

Inflex Recoil Pad
Rib structures inside the pad help direct and channel the recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from your cheek. A hard heel insert on the pad makes mounting the Super X Pump snag free.

Familiar Dimensions
The Super X Pump composite stock provides you with the same familiar feel of the Super X3.

Drop-Out Trigger Group
Removing one pin allows you to drop out the complete trigger system for cleaning and inspection.

.742 Back-Bored Technology
Extensive research and testing has proven that when it comes to back-boring, .742" is the ideal interior barrel diameter, ensuring tight, consistent patterns. Any larger and gases blow by the shot cup and reduce pellet velocity. Too small and the pellets are deformed as they pass through the forcing cone, causing poor ballistic performance.

Invector-Plus Choke Tubes
The Super X Pump comes with full, modified and improved cylinder flush-mounted tubes.

Hand Chrome Chamber and Bore
An optimum feature for durability when using steel or tungsten shot. A chrome bore and chamber are easier to clean, giving you that extra margin of protection when hunting in wet conditions.

Speed-Plug System
When removing the three-shot adopter simply remove the magazine cap, push on the spring retainer holding the spring in place and remove the adapter.