Why should I purchase a Super X-3?

The Super X-3 has many great features.

Cast / Drop Shims
Every shooter is different, and no one stock will perfectly fit every person and their shooting style. Composite stock models of the Super X3 allow you to easily adjust both cast on/cast off and drop at comb over a 1/4" range simply by inserting one of the six special shims between the receiver and the buttstock.

Inflex Recoil Pad
Getting pounded by your gun’s recoil is a thing of the past with the new Inflex Technology Recoil Pad. Specially shaped rib structures located inside the pad provide directional deflection, moving the comb down and away from your cheek to reduce felt recoil to very manageable levels, even when shooting heavy magnum loads. A hard heel insert on the pad makes mounting the Super X3 snag free.

Ambidextrous Safety
The safety button on the Super X3 is located at the rear of the trigger guard and is easily reversible for both right- or left-handed shooters.

Drop-Out Trigger
The trigger group is easy to remove for cleaning.

Length of Pull Spacers
There is no reason to put up with a shotgun that does not fit you, because proper stock fit is critical to comfortable and accurate shooting. Most Super X3 shotguns easy adjustments to length of pull. When the length of pull is adjusted properly, you experience is greatly diminished. Adjustments range from 13 3/4" to 14 3/8" on wood shocks and from 14 1/4" to 14 3/4" on composite models.

.742" Back-Bored Technology
Extensive research and testing has proven that when it comes to back-boring, .742" is the ideal interior barrel diameter for 12 gauge, ensuring tight, consistent patterns. Any larger and gases blow by the shot cup and reduce pellet velocity. Too small and the pellets are deformed as they pass through the forcing cone.

Invector-Plus Choke Tubes
From the duck blind to the firing line, the Invector-Plus choke tube system is the world’s favorite. The Super X3 comes with either extended Signature Series or flush-mounted tubes, depending on the model. Additional tubes are available at your local Winchester Repeating Arms dealer.

Hard Chrome Chamber and Bore
An optimum feature for durability when using steel or tungsten shot. A chrome bore and chamber are easier to clean, giving you that extra margin of protection when hunting in wet conditions.

The Active Valve System
The Active Valve system automatically self-adjusts, allocating the exact gas pressure necessary to fire a wide range of loads – critical for any autoloader used in real life hunting or target shooting. When firing the heaviest magnum loads in 3 1/2" models, gases vent upward and a portion of the gases are vented forward out of the Quadra-Vent ports in the forearm, further regulating bolt speed. 3” models fire everything from light, 1 1/8 oz., 2 3/4" target loads to 3" magnums, while 3 1/2" guns handle everything from 1 1/8 oz., 2 2/3" field loads up to heavy 3 1/2" magnums.

Excess gases from heavy loads are channeled through the forward Quadra-Vent ports for greater efficiency and also taming punishing magnum load recoil.

Electroless Nickel Plated Bolt and Shell Carrier
Breech bolts and shell carriers on Super X3 Sporting shotguns are plated with Electroless nickel for longer life, reduced friction and greater corrosion resistance.