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The Winchester Model 70 in Vietnam. The most well known Marine sniper of the Vietnam war has become a modern legend.  A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II joined the Corps in 1959 at age 17. Hathcock was soon a member of the USMC rifle team, and in 1965 he won the Wimbledon Cup, a 1000-yard individual match fired at the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio. Interestingly, Hathcock won that prestigious trophy with a Winchester Model 70.  Read the entire article. 

The rifle shot by Herb Parsons in the filming of  “Winchester ‘73” is on display in Cody, Wyoming. This classic western film required Jimmy Stewart to do some very impressive trick shots. And although Stewart was a "gun guy," the shooting was beyond the average shooter. During Stewart’s shooting contest scenes the world-famous trick shooter Herb Parsons, also known as “The Wizard of Winchester” stood just off camera with his own Model 71 lever-action rifle (that's right, not a '73). As Stewart would be filmed taking a shot at a small metal disk thrown high in the air with a blank, Parsons, standing just off camera would put a hole in the center of the same disk with a live round, thus adding to the realism of the scene. Read more and see more photos. 

150 years? Sure went fast. The history of Winchester is practically the history of America from the end of the Industrial Revolution until today. It's the time period that some call the Technological Revolution. Most certainly the history of Winchester is tied up in the great American westward expansion. In a few short decades everything changed and Winchester became one of the most recognizable names in the world. Enjoy the timeline of Winchester history  here on our site or the equally detailed timeline created by Winchester Ammunition

Bring the Gould Brothers to your town. The Gould Brothers, Aaron and Steve, perform one of a kind live exhibition shooting shows at outdoor events all across the United States. The things they can do with shotguns will simply amaze you. Aaron and Steve may be brothers, but from their appearances and personalities, you sure wouldn’t guess it. Even more amazing than what they do with their Winchester shotguns, is what brought them together and started their journey to becoming the nation’s top exhibition act.  We at Winchester Repeating Arms are proud sponsors of these two amazing shooters. If you have a shooting event that needs a touch of greatness as well as a great deal of fun, check into arranging a Gould Brothers Show. Read more. 

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