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150th Model 1873

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150 years of legends.

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New Product Videos and News, SHOT Show 2016.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

NRA Great American Outdoor Show
Feb 6-14.  
Harrisburg, PA. Autograph signing by Melissa Bachman of Deadly Passions and Benny Spies from Gun It.  February 8th and 9th at the Sportsman Channel booth at the show. 

February 11-14. 
Nashville, Tennessee. It's not just one of the biggest consumer shows in the country; it's where some of conservation and hunting's most devoted supporters come together for a weekend of fun. 

Hunting & Conservation Expo February 11-14. Salt Lake City, Utah. If you live near Utah and love being part of the hunting & conservation world, the Expo is a must-see, must-attend event! 

NRA Show
May 20-22. 
Louisville, Kentucky. Come visit us at our booth and see the incredible historic Winchester guns on display from the Cody Firearms Museum as part of our 150th Anniversary celebration. .