Happy 150th Anniversary Winchester!

Join with us in celebrating the 150th birthday of the founding of the Winchester brand. A century and a half has passed since Oliver F. Winchester first began his journey to create the brand that bears his name. Winchester quickly became a manufacturing powerhouse that helped create and define the Industrial Revolution. It’s a brand whose products, quite literally, have helped change the course of world history.

Arden Hill has witnessed the seasons changing for 92 years. We honor his life -- as it intermingles with the history of Winchester -- in the new short film, The Veteran. Enjoy it and share it.

150 years? Sure went fast. The history of Winchester is practically the history of America from the end of the Industrial Revolution until today. In a few short decades Winchester became one of the most recognizable names in the world. Watch the video first, then enjoy the timeline of Winchester history  here on our site or the equally detailed timeline created by Winchester Ammunition

Milestones, the short film. After 150 years of legendary excellence, ‪ Winchester‬ marks the occasion with the world premiere of the Milestones video, part of the The American Legend series of short films premiering this summer. Watch this remarkable historical overview and enjoy the rich history of Winchester. Watch the film here. 

The Gould Brothers are working out this summer.  They have released their all new "Gun Trick Shots: Workout Edition" video.  Steve and Aaron are getting in shape while they do the best team exhibition shooting in the world. Enjoy their video then find a way to get your family to one of their shows. It'll be the best vacation ever. To watch the video click or touch here. 

Winchester has the best hunting TV show programming. Winchester is proud to bring the top TV shows and online content to all of you who enjoy hunting and enjoy the Winchester brand. Click or touch the image or link and get all the links you need to find air times, networks and episodes. Plus, you can learn all about the TV personalities behind the shows. Read More. 

Super X3 Ultimate Sporting wins Editor's Choice award from Outdoor Life magazine. The fact that the editors of Outdoor Life are some of the most experienced outdoorsmen and women in the world and that they possess some of the top skills in the shooting and hunting sports adds to the significance of this award. The award was announced and presented at the recent NRA Show in Louisville. View more. 

Special Edition 150th Anniversary Catalog. This is a special catalog. And you probably don't want to wait another 50 years to add one this important to your collection. This special catalog includes all the new 150th Anniversary products plus great Winchester historical stories. Quantities are limited.

Popular Articles During the Past Month

The Winchester Model 70 in Vietnam. The most well known Marine sniper of the Vietnam war has become a modern legend. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II joined the Corps in 1959 at age 17. Hathcock was soon a member of the USMC rifle team, and in 1965 he won the Wimbledon Cup with a Winchester Model 70.  Read the entire article. 

D-Day. June 6, 1944.  On this day in 1944, as a cold dawn broke over the beaches of Normandy, tens of thousands of Allied servicemen stormed ashore to begin the final liberation of Europe from the clutches of Nazi tyranny. Read General Eisenhower's letter to the trops here. For more Winchester history read Read Winchester Goes to War

$1.2 million. The highest auction price for a firearm, ever. The Geronimo Rifle. Captain Henry Ware Lawton, the man who lead the primary chase which resulted in Geronimo's capture was presented a gift by his close friend, Lieut. George Albee: Serial Number One, of the new Winchester Model 1886 lever action. It recently sold at auction for an astonishing $1.2 million. Read about it and see the photos of this remarkable rifle. 

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