This is Your Last Chance to Get the Historic Winchester 150th Anniversary Catalog.

Winchester’s M1 Garand gets Baptized by Fire at Bataan.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the enemy moved against U.S. bases all across the Pacific. This proved to be a baptism by fire for American and Philippine forces in the Philippine Islands using the M1 Garand -- rifles built by Winchester Repeating Arms. Learn more in our article/review which draws heavily on the excellent historical research done by the NRA's American Rifleman writer, Tom Laemlein, in a recent issue of the magazine. LEARN MORE.

Get the holidays off to a good start with huge Winchester rebates.

Get a $75 rebate on SX3 shotguns. Get $50 on XPR rifles. And $25  on SXP shotguns. Deals like this don't come along every day. Offer good from November 16, 2016 to December 31, 2016. U.S. and Canada only. GET THE DETAILS AND DOWNLOAD A COUPON.  

Set your sights on the XPR's proven accuracy.

Winchester has long had a history of making some the  most accurate rifles in the world.
As big game seasons continue to roll out in your area be sure to give the high-performance Winchester XPR a close look. 
A full list of top features is complemented by excellent accuracy that has been documented by numerous outdoor publications. 

Independent test reveals the XPR has best accuracy out of the box.

Test comparison of the ten most popular rifles.

The demanding editors at Scoutlook Weather just conducted an exhaustive and highly objective live fire test of 10 of today’s most popular bolt action deer rifles and found the XPR from Winchester Repeating Arms delivered the smallest single group of all the groups fired in all of the rifles tested. READ MORE AND WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR NEXT RIFLE. 

.41" group out of the box.

XPR. eXtra Perfect. In a recent issue of Shooting Times, contributing editor Steve Gash put the XPR from Winchester Repeating Arms through its paces and found plenty to like about this attractively made and priced bolt-action game-getter. In fact, Gash calls it the “eXtra Perfect Rifle.”  READ MORE.

Grant Woods of Growning Deer TV filmed this interesting sequence of events on a recent hunt -- from seeing the buck on his trail cam to making the final shot. He is a Winchester guy, as you will see. Don't miss watching it. He didn't.

Happy 150th Anniversary Winchester!

A celebration of history for Winchester -- 150 years.

Join with us in celebrating the 150th birthday of the founding of the Winchester brand. Join with A century and a half has passed since Oliver F. Winchester first began his journey to create the brand that bears his name. Winchester quickly became a manufacturing powerhouse that helped create and define the Industrial Revolution. It’s a brand whose products, quite literally, have helped change the course of world history.. The history of Winchester is practically the history of America from the end of the Industrial Revolution until today. In a few short decades Winchester became one of the most recognizable names in the world. Watch the video first, then enjoy the timeline of Winchester history  here on our site or the equally detailed timeline created by Winchester Ammunition

Watch the trailer for the original, new online TV series: Winchester Life.

What is Winchester Life? The new original series kicks off with a glimpse into what it means to be a part of the Winchester Life. A familiar scene of hunting tradition, camaraderie, and memories made will unfold through the scope of our proven hosts in the field. Every week, we’ll feature a new hunting location with its own unique outcome.  It’s about living for the hunt. It’s about the small town stories that long lasting legacies are made of. This is the Winchester Life. WATCH THE NEW SERIES ON WINCHESTER TV. 

The Winchester Life crew is back at NILO Farms, facing off in a friendly shooting sports competition. Wherever hunters and shooters gather to shoot flying targets, Winchester has always been right there. A fun-filled day at the range comes to an end after a tiebreaker decides which member takes home bragging rights. WATCH EPISODE 7 RIGHT NOW. 

XPR. Experience the difference of Winchester Repeating Arms new performance rifle. MORE. 

Winchester has the best hunting TV show programming. The top TV shows and online content. Read More.

Super X3 Ultimate Sporting wins Editor's Choice award from Outdoor Life magazine. View more. 

The Winchester 150th Anniversary Short Film Project.

NILO Farms -- A unique place in the history of Winchester. "Nilo” is Olin backwards. Established in 1952, it's one of America’s first game preserves.  WATCH NILO FARMS

The Veteran, the short film. Every spring brings a new opportunity to recall the memories of seasons past. The story of Arden Hill. WATCH THE VETERAN. 

Milestones, the short film. Enjoy 150 years of legendary excellence with the short film Milestones. WATCH MILESTONES.