Promotions & Rebates

Winchester Repeating Arms and our partners constantly work to provide you with the great products you want. And sometimes we offer special incentives -- like rebates and other offers -- to make it even more fun to buy a Winchester rifle or shotgun.

If there are no special offers listed be sure to check back often -- because every season we like to give special incentives to you, our customers, to build your collection of hard working Winchesters.  

When there are promotions that are active, you can use the special online system for applying for the rebate or other offer. 

Select from active rebates for more details.

Promotion and Rebates

If you have questions about any Winchester Repeating Arms promotions or rebates, contact us by email: Response times may vary due to the number of e-mails received.
Or, you can call our rebate department at: 1-800-945-6427. 

For information concerning status of a Canadian rebate please call (514) 333-7261.