The world's premier single shot hunting rifle. With the introduction of the 1885, the world of single shots was given a welcomed addition. In 1885 competitive target shooting in America had the stature professional golf, or even major league football has today. Huge matches were held at places like Creedmore, New York. Spectators would number in the thousands. The 1885 was uniquely suited to the long range accuracy shooting of the day.

Are you ready for the best single shot ever? The 1885 Single Shot was the first and perhaps one of the greatest of all the John Moses Browning designs. It was 100% conceived of and created by Browning in the frontier pioneer town of Ogden, Utah in 1878. Not only was it the first he produced, but it was the gun that started his relationship with the Winchester Repeating Arms company. They knew it was a superior single shot design and they knew it had to be a Winchester. The partnership began in 1885 and the Single Shot became the Model 1885 Winchester.

Still superior. Today's Winchester 1885 rifles have changed only in minor ways since those days -- all for the better. The stout falling-block action is as impressive as ever. The precision barrel is famous for uncanny accuracy. Today's trigger exceeds the original with a crisp, clean (adjustable) break, . When you enjoy the precision of a fine rifle that imposes a degree of seriousness with each shot fired . . . if you enjoy the concept of "one shot one kill," then you are a candidate for a Winchester 1885.

What other features set it apart?

  • Most have traditional open sights, plus are drilled and tapped for scope bases.
  • A special internal hanger system allows the forearm to be free floating so it will not affect accuracy.
  • The hammer actually drops down, out of the way, when the lever is cycled forward. This makes loading and unloading very convenient.
  • Traditional three-position hammer: dropped, half cock and full cock.
  • Cartridge ejector system and shell deflector.
  • The massive breech block design is one reason the Model 1885 has proven so accurate.
  • The overall length of a Model 1885 with a 28 inch barrel is the same as a Model 70 with a 24 inch barrel. Most cartridges produce a substantially higher muzzle velocity with the longer barrel offered on the Model 1885.


  • Strong, machined steel receiver
  • Crisp, adjustable trigger
  • Simple, strong, reliable and accurate falling block design
  • A proud sense of history only the Model 1885 single-shot can offer

A few notes on .22 Rimfire versions.: The .22 Rimfire version has some differences from the centerfire version. First and foremost is that 1885 rimfires are the Low Wall configuration which features a modified receiver and mechanism. This is not a modern difference, John Browning developed both, among many other versions of the Winchester 1885 over the years.