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A tradition dating back nearly a century, has come to a close.

With the digital world we live in and the amazing abilities of electronic media, the printing of an annual Winchester Repeating Arms catalog has come to a close.

Although early catalogs would be considered mostly price sheets, Winchester soon provided product sheets and collections of products with details and sales points. Later, catalogs received artistic attention with illustrations, photos, and diagrams. In the last few decades, Winchester Repeating Arms catalogs have matured as a place to not only find great products but also to experience great illustrations and photographs that stir the anticipation of the hunt. If you aren't collecting Winchester Repeating Arms catalogs, now is a good time to start. 

2021 CANADA Catalog (Link to Page Turning Version)

A special CANADA Version of the Winchester Catalog is available in a version using page-turning technology. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CANADA PAGES FOR INFORMATION. 

Historic US Catalog PDF Downloads

Take a look back in time with PDF downloads of past catalogs. Because these files are large we recommend doing the following: Using your RIGHT mouse button click on the link to the file below. In the popup window select "Save Target as" then select the area of your computer you wish to save the file to (ie. the desktop). Once the download is complete you can open the file on your computer using  the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or another compatible PDF reader.

All downloads require a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat.

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By 1913 Winchester was printing in color, giving an added dimension to the brand.
Winchester Vintage Catalog
To find -- and even purchase -- amazing vintage catalogs like this one is easy. Just do a Google search for "Vintage Winchester Catalogs." Both original and reprinted versions are available.

The 1982 Winchester firearms catalog is one of the most sought-after catalogs of the late 1900s. John Wayne has a special significance for the Winchester brand given his consistent use of Winchester lever actions in nearly all of his legendary Westerns . . . usually a Model 1892 and sometimes an 1894.This catalog was printed during the era when Winchester firearms operated under the name of the manufacturing factory: U.S. Repeating Arms. The special edition Model 1894 on the cover is one of the most popular Winchester special models of all time. , 

John Wayne 1982 Winchester Catalog