A Message Worth Repeating from Winchester Repeating Arms .

Winchester Repeating Arms has been redefining the firearms industry since 1866. And this year is no exception. With the introduction of the new Super X4 and the building out of both the SXP and XPR lineups there is more innovaction and more great guns once again. The time-proven Model 70 remains legendary, while the new XPR is setting new standards of accuracy for a new generation of shooters. The tradition is still here for you in our classic line of levers that cover the greatest Winchesters of all time. We hope you enjoy the history in our 151st year as much as you will enjoy our firearms. 

A quick overview of the newest of the new guns from Winchester Repeating Arms.

For more than 150 years Winchester Repeating Arms has created legendary firearms using innovative design, quality materials and precision manufacturing processes to deliver the kind of products you want and need. This was the standard in 1866 when Oliver Winchester unveiled a magnificent polished brass repeater that soon became known as the “Yellow Boy.”

In 2016 a magnificently engraved and embellished Model 1866 was the flagship of the 150th anniversary commemorative lineup for Winchester Repeating Arms. For 2017 the legendary Model 1866 is now available in a Grade I Short Rifle, making the “Yellow Boy” experience readily affordable for cowboy action shooters, hunters, casual shooters and everyone who enjoys spending a day at the range with a genuine Winchester lever-action classic.

That same standard has been applied to create the new Super X4 autoloading shotgun. Based on the proven Active Valve gas system, the new Super X4 offers enhanced ergonomics, easier to access operating controls, lighter weight, a more fluid swing, faster cycling speed and the proven reliability you’ve come to expect from Winchester Repeating Arms.

Also new this year is a Compact version of the popular and accurate XPR® centerfire rifle, perfectly sized for shooters of smaller stature. Designed to provide a readily affordable shooting experience, this new rifle allows more people of all ages to enjoy the accuracy and performance of the XPR.

Yes, the 2017 product lineup from Winchester Repeating Arms carries a message worth repeating. The name Winchester will always represent The American Legend.