The 350 Legend from Winchester becomes an industry standardized cartridge.

350 Legend Cartridge Cutaway
Cutaway of the new 350 Legend cartridge from Winchester. Winchester image.

Straight-up Legendary -- Introducing the World’s Fastest Straight-Walled Hunting Cartridge.  Winchester’s legendary tradition of innovation continues with the 350 Legend, the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world. Built with hunters and sport shooters in mind, 350 Legend is versatile on the range and in the deer woods.

It’s been a meteoric rise for the new 350 Legend from Winchester. Publicly announced at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, this powerful and accurate little straight-wall cartridge just knocked the entire shooting industry for a loop. The sales and acceptance of the 350 Legend round confirm this cartridge is going to be a winner right from the start.

Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) 350 Legend Cartridge
The 350 Legend has now been standardized by SAAMI. SAAMI image.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has announced the acceptance of the 350 Legend cartridge for industry-wide standardization and has published standards and diagrams of the new cartridge.

“Winchester’s 350 Legend cartridge brings a fresh look and innovation to a very mature cartridge category, opening up new options to both the hunter and recreational shooter,” said Randy Bimson, SAAMI technical advisor and director of technical affairs as quoted in a recent press release.

And to help make this new cartridge introduction a roaring success, Winchester Repeating Arms is offering their popular, accurate and reliable XPR chambered in 350 Legend across the entire XPR product line.

“The new 350 Legend and the well-proven XRP bolt-action is the ideal hunting combo for whitetail deer, wild hogs and other small- to mid-sized game,” said Glenn Hatt, product manager for Winchester Repeating Arms. “The recoil is so light and it’s so pleasant to shoot. The external ballistics are much like the legendary 30-30 Winchester, the greatest deer cartridge of all time. If most of your shooting is 200 yards or less, you need an XPR in 350 Legend in your gun rack.”

The benefits of hunting game with the XPR in 350 Legend are many. Aside from the obvious pluses like reliability and accuracy, the light felt recoil of this cartridge makes it ideal for shooters who tend to be recoil sensitive – especially youth, new shooters and hunters of smaller physical stature.

XPR shooters also get that crisp three-lever M.O.A. trigger pull, a highly-effective Inflex recoil pad and the convenience of a detachable box magazine. The 350 Legend is a very affordable factory round so you can practice more often for your big hunt.

If you like bolt-action accuracy and reliability and your chosen quarry is inside of 200 yards, this is sure to be your next deer rig. You can learn more about the XPR and the 350 Legend at

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