Gun Tests magazine names the Winchester Super X3 its top pick.

SX3 heads the list In a comparison test with three other top waterfowling autoloaders.

Gun Tests magazine is unique in the firearms media, in that they don’t accept paid advertising. Their writers have a reputation for calling them as they see them. In their September 2016 issue, the Gun Tests staff put four popular autoloading waterfowl shotguns to the test:. (Read the article for the list of waterfowl shotguns in the test.) After plenty of shells and sweat, their overall winner was the Winchester Super X3.

In the box scores section, the team of Gun Tests writers described, “Excellent handling, very smooth and quick functioning, and a lower price were the trio of factors that pushed the Winchester to the top of our list,” 

The reviewers went on to note that the Winchester Super X3 was “Easily the fastest cycling semiautomatic in the group, (and) the Winchester’s action was easy to use and provided ample access to the trigger, loading port, and safety.”

“The Winchester’s very slim design and comfortable feel were appreciated by our shooting team,” the Gun Tests article continued. “Without question, it was the best handling semi-auto in the quartet.”

The evaluators found that the Super X3’s innovative stock design grew on them as the testing progressed. “The…stock…proved to be very comfortable and (gave) an appropriate feel for the smooth handling Super X3.”

“If feel, function and handling ability are key factors in a waterfowl hunter’s ranking, the Winchester easily makes the top of the list,” the testers concluded. “A very fast and smooth action; good patterning and clay-busting performance; and providing the secure feel of a veteran smokepole all helped the Winchester reach the top spot in our ranking…the best of the best.”

If you want an awesome waterfowl shotgun for the coming season, stop by your local Winchester Repeating Arms dealer today and feel how the Super X3 can be a real game changer for your next duck or goose hunt.

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Original article copyright Gun Tests Magazine, 2016. Review copyright Winchester Repeating Arms 2016. Written by Winchester Repeating Arms staff writer, Scott Engen.