Guns America's Phil Massaro thinks the XPR is so accurate it "might be priced a bit too low."

"The Winchester XPR has a lot to prove . . . and yet it does just that."

Despite what one reader's comment listed at the bottom of Phil Massaro's review of the XPR, Massaro does not work for Winchester Repeating Arms. Massora is not the only one who has given the XPR a full look and come out impressed.

If you are in the market for an affordably priced bolt action with top performance features we believe the XPR is the right choice, and it is why it continues to be given consistently positive reviews from gun writers all over the world.

In his article Massaro gives some historical background to Winchester and Winchester bolt actions but arrives at the conclusion that despite many changes over the course of Winchester history, "one thing has remained . . .  Winchester rifles are synonymous with reliability." 

His review includes an extensive accuracy test worth reading. He does sum up his accraucy test with "regarding the ammunition, this gun liked them all."

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