GUNS Magazine Thinks the “Remarkable” Winchester Super X4 “…Is the shotgun for you.”

The latest in this legendary series of Winchester autoloaders is better than ever.

The autoloading shotgun marketplace can be a pretty crowded place these days, and it takes some very special design and performance features to stand out from the crowd. That’s exactly why the Super X4 from Winchester Repeating Arms really stands head and shoulders above the rest.

“The sheer engineering elegance…has to be experienced to be appreciated.”

“Now in its 4th generation, Winchester’s new SX4 autoloader is the culmination of design efforts dating back to 1974’s SX1,” observes noted gunscribe Holt Bodinson in the January 2019 issue of Guns Magazine. “After shooting (a Super-X), most owners made three observations — the gun’s modest recoil and cycling speed and its liveliness between the hands. The sheer engineering elegance…has to be experienced to be appreciated. Recoil reduction is remarkable.”

“As a hunter who fights weather, I find chrome plating to be a blessing.”

Bodinson outlined a number of important improvements in the Super X4, not the least of which is its lower retail price compared to prior models.

“There are some notable improvements (other than price) in the SX4,” he notes. “One invaluable feature carried over from the SX3 is a chrome-lined chamber and barrel. As a hunter who fights weather, I find chrome plating to be a blessing. Protective and self-lubricating nickel Teflon™ coating is applied to the SX4 bolt, carrier and bolt release.”  

“Speaking of hunting, the SX4 addresses the glove issue head-on with a greatly enlarged and squared off bolt handle, reversible safety and bolt release button,” Bodinson relates. “Even the triggerguard…is radically enlarged and part of an easily removable trigger.”

“…The SX4 felt like an old friend at the range. It’s lighter and livelier…the slimmer stock design is more comfortable and will fit the average shooter better,” he notes. “A 6-3/4 lb. 12-gauge is great to roam afield with, but what about kick? Not to worry! The (Super X4) gas system plus the Inflex recoil pad really work in tandem to minimize felt recoil.”

“Winchester’s SX auto line has been evolving for 44 years,” Bodinson concludes. “The new SX4 family incorporates improved features at lower cost. And if you’re recoil sensitive, this is the shotgun for you.” 

You can read the entire Super X4 article by Holt Bodinson at:

In his article Bodinson lamented that the great performance and ergonomics of the latest Super X4 were not available in a 20 gauge model. (Little did he know at the time that the designers at Winchester Repeating Arms had a little something special up their sleeves – like an all-new 20 gauge Super X4!) This great shooting little Super X4 smoothbore was announced at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Here are some more details -- The latest evolution of the legendary Super X series of Winchester autoloading shotguns is now available in 20 gauge. Built on a dedicated reduced-scale alloy receiver, the 20 Gauge SX4 is currently available in classic wood stocked field models, as well as rugged synthetic, stocked versions in matte black or today’s most popular camo patterns. The SX4 retains the relentlessly-reliable Active Valve gas system from the SX3 and adds a host of performance and ergonomic feature that make it the finest autoloader ever to wear the Winchester name.

Best of all, the Super X4 20 Gauge is also offered in Compact versions with a reduced 13” length of pull that’s absolutely ideal for shooters of smaller stature. 

Pick up a copy of the January issue of GUNS Magazine at your local newsstand. Then check out all the Super X4 models at your local Winchester Repeating Arms retailer.

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