Hunts for the Brave

Winchester Repeating Arms Supports America’s Combat Veterans.

As a way for Winchester Repeating Arms to say “thank you” to our combat veterans for their bravery and selfless service, each year the company recognizes an outstanding US vet with the gift of a guided wild turkey hunt and a new Winchester turkey hunting shotgun. 

This year the award goes to SgtMaj. Bradley S. Driver, USMC, a decorated veteran of two combat tours in Afghanistan as well as deployments to Australia and throughout the Pacific Theater

Sgt Maj. Bradley S. Driver, USMC receives a new Winchester shotgun
In recognition of his combat service Sgt Maj. Bradley S. Driver, USMC receives a new Winchester shotgun from Winchester Repeating Arms' CEO, Travis Hall for his upcoming wild turkey hunt.
Hunts for the Brave Group Photo
Left to right: Justin Oliver, a volunteer with Hunts for the Brave, Travis Hall CEO Winchester Repeating Arms, Sergeant Major Bradley Driver, USMC, and Jon Leonard, Executive Director of Hunts for the Brave.

Decorated USMC Combat Veteran Awarded a Wild Turkey Hunt and a New Winchester Shotgun.

This year’s winner is SgtMaj. Bradley S. Driver, USMC. Originally from Belton, SC, SgtMaj. Driver has served in the Corps since 1997, including two combat tours in Afghanistan as well as active duty deployments to Australia and throughout the Pacific Theater. He has also served as a senior drill instructor, flight line crew chief and as a personal security guard for the commanding general of the I MEF. SgtMaj. Driver is currently serving as a senior NCO with the USMC Recruiting Station in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Our original intent with this program was to reward the service and sacrifices made by our combat veterans”, noted Jon Leonard, a volunteer board member with Hunts for the Brave who helps coordinate the program.  “…We have found that these hunts have proven to be very beneficial in helping veterans overcome the effects of combat...”

Winchester Repeating Arms CEO Travis Hall also expressed great satisfaction with the program. “Winchester Repeating Arms has always had the greatest respect for the men and women who volunteer to serve in our nations’ armed forces,” stated Hall. “They do so with extraordinary courage and dedication, protecting our nation and our people, and helping defend liberty around the globe. To all those who have served, we at Winchester Repeating Arms say ‘thank you.’”

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