Why the Model 94 Winchester May be the World's Perfect Rifle.

This ad originally appeared in 1999.

This page is for historical purposes of avid Winchester enthusiasts. Some aspects of the Model 94 have changed over time but today's Winchester Model 94 continues to possess the same strong features and design properties that have made it the first choice of many lever action hunters -- particularly deer hunters -- since 1894. It is still often referred to as The Gun That Won the West. Note: Some configurations, versions, calibers, and features are no longer available.

The reasons to shoot a Model 94 one hundred years ago are even more important today. Over 100 years of dependable service tell you a lot. The 94 can take rough conditions - snow or rain, mud or dust -- and keep working. Every caliber has a level of recoil you can handle, helping you stay on target. It is compact and lightweight, able to go where you want to hunt - in the rugged, thick conditions where the game likes to hide. Few would dispute that more deer have fallen to the Winchester Model 94 than any other rifle in history. And the success of the Model 94 continues today. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Balance and pointability like no other rifle. Of all the features of the Model 94, the one that keeps it at the forefront of modem hunting conditions is the way; it handles so effectively. Balance is ideal for quick pointing. And no rifle feels more like an extension of your body. This is because the unique design keeps the receiver short and balance centered between the hands. You can easily locate your forward hand anywhere on the long fore-end to achieve the balanced feel that's best for you. And the way the fore-end is a smooth extension of the receiver and the way all edges are rounded and smoothed, and the way that the lever begins well toward the rear makes one-handed carrying comfortable and balanced.

2. Low recoil for fast follow-ups. We all plan for a first-shot kill but it always pays to have a fast second or third shot at the ready. This is especially true when hunting in thick timber or brush conditions when your shots will be at medium to shorter ranges and will need to be made very quickly. The Model 94 is chambered in calibers that meet this expectation. If a rifle has too much recoil you'll never be able to get back on target for a second shot. The 30-30 is famous for deer killing effectiveness with manageable recoil. And even our new Timber Carbine version, in the powerful 444 Marlin caliber is responsive to this concern, with its added feature of barrel porting*, which keeps the muzzle down and gets you back on target quickly.

3. Compact proportions. One of the original, key advantages of the Model 94 was its compact proportions. This made it ideal for carrying in a scabbard strapped to a horse. This remains a key advantage today. Its total length is well under the width of an ATV. And its smooth contours make it slip effortlessly into and out of today's hardshell scabbard designs. The overall length and balance are ideal for use in areas where treestands are allowed. You have more freedom to orient yourself for the best shot without getting into an awkward position.

Model 94 Magazine Article
This ad originally ran in 1999 in numerous outdoor magazines. A number of Model 94 features have been changed since 1999, including the addition of the top tang safety system, among others.

4. Ready for a scope. Some conditions demand a scope. That's why every Model 94 is drilled and tapped on the receiver top to accept scope mount bases. Appropriate models are supplied with a hammer spur extension which extends to the side of the hammer, making it easier to operate when a low mounted scope is used.

5. Built-in strength and durability. The Model 94 is made to last. The receiver is still forged from a solid block of steel and then machined to its final tolerances. The result is extreme strength and extraordinary precision. The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel - the same steel used on Winchester Model 70 barrels. And rifling is produced the same as on the Model 70, which partly accounts for the Model 94s proven accuracy. Just like you'd expect, the action, magazine, barrel bands, and other components are all steel.

6. More stock choices. Today's hunters use the Model 94 for the full range North American game - everything from varmints to predator control, to deer, and up to the largest bear (with the 444 Marlin chambering). To accommodate hunting these different animals you can choose from conventional straight grip stocks and semi-pistol grip stocks. Semi-pistol grip stocks come in our American walnut versions or in our extremely durable composite version. Models designed for Cowboy Action Sho~ting competitions have traditional stock designs. The Compact has a special shortened stock ideal for smaller sized shooters.

7. Rebounding hammer and manual hammer block.  [Note: New Model 94's have a different tang safety system.] These are two significant advantages of today's Model 94. The hammer block is configured to work by pushing the button to the left or right. It offers a way by visually to confirm the safety status of your rifle. The rebounding hammer makes it convenient to lower the hammer to the rebound position (similar to a traditional half-cock). Improvements like these make the Model 94 better for today's hunters without compromising the general fit, feel and function that has made it legendary.

8. The right calibers. The Model 94 is one of the most versatile repeater designs ever for accommodating different calibers. Get yours in famous pistol calibers like 45 Colt, 44 Mag., 44-40, or 357 Mag. Or in the most famous of all deer calibers, 30-30 Winchester. For very large game in rough conditions, you'll want the Big Bore version in 444 Marlin caliber. Compare point by point and you'll agree: no other lever-action comes even close. Don't wait any longer to get your hands on the perfect rifle: today's Winchester Model 94.

Compare point by point and you'll agree: no other lever-action comes even close. Don't wait any longer to get your hands on the perfect rifle: today's Winchester Model 94.

*Special Note. Warning: The Timber Carbine includes a recoil-reducing muzzle brake which provides substantial increased muzzle blast. Always wear hearing protection to prevent hearing loss or damage.

NOTE: Some calibers, features, and configurations mentioned in this historic 1999 ad are no longer available.