New World record - Raniero Testa 2017.

13 clays in 1.6 seconds.

The speed of the SX3 has been legendary. And the new SX4 takes it up another notch as evidenced by Raniero Testa's quick trigger work. All across Europe Raniero Testa is fast becoming an exhibition shooting legend. He combines great speed and accurate shooting skills all while channeling a bit of the "Evel Knievel" persona.  To beat his former record of 12 hand thrown clay targets, Raniero steps up to the range, grabs hold of 13 clay targets, shoulders his new Winchester SX4, and  muscles 13 clay targets skyward . . . and, you will have to watch the video to get the full impact. All 13 targets in under 2 seconds. Very fast shooting. Every Winchester exhibition shooter over the years has had a special gift they really shine at. We think Raniero has found his.