NRA American Hunter Names the Winchester Super X4 as their Shotgun of the Year for 2018.

"Sometimes a gun just feels right, and the SX4 . . . is one of those guns"

Continuing the design evolution of the Super X series (while continuing to garner numerous awards and legions of fans from around the globe) the Super X4 autoloading shotgun from Winchester Repeating Arms is Built 4 Speed and has become the performance benchmark against which all other autoloaders are measured.

The NRA’s Golden Bullseye Award is based on, among other criteria, a firearm’s innovative styling, design and function, its reliability in the field and as a solid value to the consumer. The staff of the NRA American Hunter have spent enough time behind the Super X4 to know a winner when they see it (and shoot it).

The prestigious Golden Bullseye Award was presented to Winchester Repeating Arms executives at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas.  

Awarded to the Winchester Repeating Arms team at the 2018 NRA Show.

SX4 Golden Bullseye Award
Golden Bullseye Award and SX4 Shotgun

…Unrelenting reliability with virtually all factory loads…

The Super X4 is based on the long-proven Active Valve Gas System which has developed a reputation for awesome cycling speed combined with unrelenting reliability with virtually all factory loads under even the most adverse conditions.

The Super X4’s smooth balanced swing is pure poetry on motion.

The Super X4 also benefits from a number of ergonomic enhancements that make the gun shoot and handle slicker than ever before. The operating controls have been engineered to make them easier to operate, even when wearing gloves. The stock profile has been refined with a smaller, re-contoured pistol grip that places the firing hand in the ideal position for comfort and precision. The Super X4’s smooth balanced swing is pure poetry on motion.

"Sometimes a gun just feels right, and the SX4…is one of those guns"

"Sometimes a gun just feels right, and the SX4, with its redesigned grip and fore-end, is one of those guns," noted Jon Draper, the NRA publication’s Managing Editor.

Stop by your local Winchester Repeating Arms retailer today and ask to see the new Super X4. They are available with walnut or composite stocks in several specialized models that are optimized for field, waterfowl, wild turkey or deer. We think you’ll agree with the NRA’s editors, that this is a top-of-the-line autoloading shotgun that, in their own words “…Just feels right.”

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