Outdoor Life names the new SX4 the "Great Buy" of 2017.

Outdoor Life Great Buy

". . . for the price—the MSRP is $799—you won’t find a better 3 ½-inch semi-auto out there, and for that reason it took home the Great Buy award."

Getting the "Great Buy" label from Outdoor Life's shooting editor is always something to take note of. According to John Snow, "the new SX4 series of shotguns from Winchester is . . . an upgraded makeover of the successful SX3 semis from the company. The biggest changes are in the ergonomics of the shotgun. Winchester redesigned the stock geometry to improve the handling and feel of these guns. The smaller pistol grip makes the shotgun feel more slender and the addition of texture panels makes the gun more secure in hand." 

In his evaluation Snow gives the SX4 high marks for being "a feature-rich shotgun."  He details a few of these in his review, such as "interchangeable chokes, backbored chamber, large ergonomic controls, a reversible crossbolt safety, and spacers to adjust length of pull." There are more many more features that set the SX4 apart from the competition in 2017.

The actual article is worth reading and the video is a must if you are comparing top end autoloaders. In a nutshell, Outdoor Life edtior John Snow loved the new SX4 and felt it was his "Great Buy" of all the new shotguns for the year.


Putting the SX4 to the test.

The Winchester SX4 keeps coming out on top in tests and reviews by major gun media magazines. It's no wonder Outdoor Life gave the SX4 the Great Buy award, they have been giving it the thumbs up since its introduction at the 2017 SHOT Show. READ THE FULL SX4 REVIEW FROM OUTDOOR LIFE HERE.