Historical Timeline 2000-Present


Supreme over-and-under shotgun

2000. The Supreme over-and-under shotgun is introduced. Made in Belgium, this well-balanced smoothbore also represents the worldwide sourcing of firearms product manufacturing under the Winchester brand.

2000. The Model 1885 Low Wall rimfire rifle is reintroduced.

Model 70

2000. The Model 70 named “Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century” by Shooting Times.

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms

2000. Xpert® Steel Shotshells are introduced. 

2001. The Model 9410 lever-action shotgun makes its debut.

300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)

2001. The 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) cartridge is introduced, offering long-action magnum performance in a short-action rifle.  

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms


2001. Supreme® Partition Gold® High Velocity Sabot Slugs are introduced.

2001. During the first decade of the Global War on Terror, Winchester will deliver over two billion rounds of ammunition to support America’s Warfighters. 

Winchester Super Short Magnums (WSSM)

2003. Building on the “shorter is better” concept, the Winchester Super Short Magnums (WSSM) are unveiled.  

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

2004. The New Generation Model 1894 debuts with a top tang-mounted sliding safety. 

2004. Winchester introduces AccuBond™ CT® rifle ammo and Super-Target® shotshells  

Winchester Ammunition facility in Oxford, Mississippi.

2005. Winchester Ammunition celebrates its new rimfire manufacturing operations in Oxford, Mississippi. This location is also now home to one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the world for centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition manufacturing.  

Image source: Olin Corporation    

2005. The Winchester Super X2 autoloader sets the first of three new world records. 

2006. Production ceases at the factory in New Haven, Connecticut operated by U.S. Repeating Arms Company, Inc. in producing Winchester branded firearms.  

2006. The Super X3 autoloading shotgun is introduced. Its improved, self-adjusting Active Valve gas system gives outstanding reliability with virtually any factory shotshell. 

2006. Supreme Elite™ XP³™ rifle is introduced.

2006. Supreme® Xtended Range™ Hi-Density turkey loads are introduced. 

Model 101

2007. The Model 101 is introduced with the added benefits of a low-profile receiver and the Invector-Plus interchangeable choke system. This is a rethink of the "Select" series, which brought a more sophisticated and traditional performance and design aspect to Winchester over and unders. This line has expanded over the years and today's Model 101 is a proven mainstay in the world of over and unders.   

M.O.A. Trigger System

2008. The Model 70 rifle returns to the market. It’s equipped with the latest three-lever M.O.A. Trigger System and an improved three-position safety.

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

Model 70 rifle

2008. Winchester® Supreme® E-Tip™  lead-free ammunition is introduced. 

2009. Based on technology developed for the FBI, Winchester Ammunition introduces PDX1 Defender personal defense handgun ammunition.

SXP Logo

2010. The Super X Pump shotgun is introduced. Built using the latest manufacturing technology, the SXP offers all the features that have made Winchester brand pumps favorite among sportsmen for generations. 

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

Model 1894 rifle

2010. In honor of the 200th birthday of Oliver F. Winchester, Winchester offers a special Model 1894 rifle and limited edition collectible ammunition.   

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

Winchester Blind Side Steel ammunition

2011. Winchester Blind Side Steel ammunition, with its ‘hex’ shape shot and diamond cut wad is named ammo product of the year by Outdoor Life and NRA American Hunter.  

Image source: Olin Corporation    

2012. The legendary Model 71 lever-action rifle returns to production.

2012. Razor Boar XT ammunition debuts, the first Winchester product specifically designed for hunting wild hogs.  

2013. The Model 1873 Short Rifle is introduced.

2013. The 17 Winchester Super Magnum debuts. At 3,000 feet per second it’s the fastest rimfire cartridge in the world.

2014. Long Beard XR redefines turkey hunting ammunition. SHOT LOK technology uses a liquid resin that hardens, keeping the shot perfectly round as it travels down the barrel. It sets two new world records at the NWTF still target competition in Edgefield, South Carolina.

2014. Designed for the new shooter, Winchester’s W Train & Defend ammunition is matched for range training and personal defense.  

Original Winchester Model 1873 rifle

2014. The National Park Service finds an original Winchester Model 1873 rifle leaning against a gnarled juniper tree in a remote part of the Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  

Image source: National Park Service    

Deer Season XP rifle ammunition

2015. Deer Season XP rifle ammunition debuts, with a larger polymer tip for improved expansion.  

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

2015. This year marks 50th anniversary of Winchester AA shotshells. 

XPR Logo

2015. The XPR. Since Winchester last introduced a new bolt-action rifle design a half-century ago huge advances have been made in metallurgy, materials and manufacturing processes. At Winchester Repeating Arms, our engineers were tasked to design a rifle that capitalized on these cutting-edge technologies and create a high-performance bolt-action that was tough, reliable and accurate. The result is an innovative rifle that meets the performance expectations of today’s demanding hunters. The XPR is a beginning of a new generation of Winchester repeating arms bolt actions. READ MORE.

Model 1866 Yellow Boy

2016. Winchester Repeating Arms proudly introduced a host of classic commemoratives including the Model 1866 Yellow Boy - the gun that started it all 150 years ago.

Image source: Winchester Repeating Arms 

2017. Winchester Repeating Arms announces the Super X4 shotgun. Winchester Super X® Autoloading shotguns have always had a worldwide reputation for speed, reliability and handling. The Super X® 3 was a tough act to follow, and making the Super X® 4 evolution of this popular shotgun series even better than its predecessor was a real challenge. That’s exactly what the design engineers at Winchester Repeating Arms did. The Super X4 is lighter, faster cycling, smoother swinging and more ergonomic than ever before.

2019. 20 gauge version of the Super X4 is introduced. Lighter, trimmer, quicker. This new version is scaled appropriately to be faster handling, quicker to the shoulder and much more comfortable. Everything you want in a great 20 gauge autoloader. 

2019. Winchester Repeating Arms introduces the Wildcat rimfire autoloader. Winchester Repeating Arms® has been building legendary rimfires for more than a century, but in 2019 Winchester Repeating Arms introduced an all-new rifle that’s taking the rimfire autoloader to a whole new level of value and performance. Actually, a whole new level of everything. 

So, what’s next? Just wait and see what great ideas Winchester Repeating Arms has in store for the next 150 years!