Gun It! With Benny Spies

For years, Benny Spies has proudly represented the average outdoorsman, weekend warriors, the part-time hunters, the important majority that most outdoor shows fail to engage. Hunting is about real people driving beat-up vehicles into muddy farmland in Nowhere, South Dakota an hour before sunrise, all jittery on anticipation and caffeine. Hunting is about small towns and the characters met there. It’s about inside jokes and tomfoolery and shenanigans and yelling “ROOOOOOSTEEEER!” It’s about enjoying life with friends and family, creating stories about real people doing real things. 

So saddle up folks! Benny and his crew continue hitting the road in his ’73 RV in this fresh, energized reality show that gives an authentic look at how America truly enjoys the outdoors.

Gun It With Benny Spies 73 Winnebago Camper
Gun it with Benny Spies Blindside Ammunition