Drury Outdoors -- TV Shows

Mark and Terry Drury's love for hunting lead to the development of Drury Outdoors in 1989. Their belief in the ethics of hunting and high regard for safety in the woods is a key factor in all of their TV Shows. Now along with Taylor and Matt -- and an entire support team -- they produce the finest in outdoor programming. Winchester Repeating Arms is a proud sponsor of each of these exceptional shows. Touch or click for air times and scheduling information for the current season. Read about the entire team by tapping or clicking here. 


Coming off the first season of THIRTEEN, the Drury’s were excited to see what Mother Nature had in store for them with a wet spring and great growing season!  She did not disappoint either!  Fall 2014 shaped up to be one of the best in their history with great deer going down on camera Phase after Phase!  It seemed like Mother Nature ushered in those timely fronts every time the cast looked to the skies in hope of one. 

Taking the technical aspect to another level in Season 2 was the name of the game!  More action, tips, tactics and techniques awaits Under Armour’s THIRTEEN only on Outdoor Channel! 


Season 7 of a show so deep in hunting roots that you would have to dig for days to event attempt at pulling them up! Winchester & Drury’s Natural Born combines The American Legend that is Winchester with a natural born passion for all things hunting!   Each week you follow along with the Drury Outdoors Team as they chase everything from song dogs to warm blooded whitetails!  The passion for hunting is hard to duplicate, a feeling that is nearly impossible to match.  Our goal at Drury Outdoors is to make it as real as possible when the viewer at home sits down in their seat each week to tune in.  With heart pounding turkey hunts to real life tips from the field you won’t find a 30-minute show more jam packed on the Pursuit Network!  


With a cast of characters as seasoned as the venison we eat - Mark, Terry and Matt wanted to throw in a new “twist” to shake things up!  Enter Team Bama Boys!  A completely new amateur team from the state of Alabama, that aren’t named Goins.  Steve Frantz and Jarrod Gibson are die-hard competitors with a passion for whitetails and the ultimate goal to prove that they belong with some of the best in outdoor programming! 

Not to fast though….the Veterans might have a few things to say about that!   These guys have fought hard for 3 seasons to make Dream Season The Journey the best of the best and aren’t about to let a couple of rookies come in and try to lay claim to the throne!  It’s a season of awesome storylines and fierce competition as these 5 teams go head to head!