RNT-V with Jim Ronquest, John Stephens, Shawn Stahl

RNT-V is a reality based show that centers around RNT Calls, today’s leading manufacturer of custom duck and goose calls. The show is unique in that it gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it is to be a hardcore waterfowler, to juggle running a waterfowl-related business, film and produce an all waterfowl television program while still finding time to spend with family and friends. It is like no other show on outdoor television. 

Viewers get to witness first hand the total process of designing, developing, building, and testing new products then tagging along with the RNT crew as they scour the countryside chasing the outdoor lifestyle.

There is no one particular host. The RNT crew has a vast array of personalities from Butch Richenback 1972 World Duck Calling Champion and 1975 Champion of Champion and founder of RNT, Jim Ronquest RNT-V’s Producer and World Champion Duck Caller, John Stephens 3 time World Champion Duck Caller and President of RNT, to other well known RNT employees and pro-staffers. Every episode is different; unlike most outdoor programming today we have a balance of hunting action with a little human-interest twist that keeps viewers watching. We truly have a story to tell.

 Jim Ronquest

Jim Ronquest is the Co-Host and Producer of RNT-V and the 2006 World Champion Duck Caller. To Jim or Jimbo as he is called by many, duck hunting is more than shooting ducks; it’s the smell of an outboard warming up in the cold pre-dawn, and the feel of a trusted shotgun. It’s the sight of a flock of mallards breaking high out of a winters blue sky to the sound of a well tuned call, the warmth of a steaming hot cup of coffee, and watching a well-bred Labrador work out a strong cripple. It’s the sound of ice cubes clinking glass as you watch ducks in the setting sun with good friends. It’s this and so much more that makes the tradition of pursuing waterfowl…duck hunting. Something that he is proud to be a part of!

John Stephens

John Stephens, President and owner of RNT Calls Inc., was born and raised on an Arkansas County Rice Farm. He grew up hunting ducks and geese. After graduating from Stuttgart High School he went on to earn a degree in landscape architecture from Mississippi State University, a field in which he worked for a short while; however, his fondness of duck hunting, competitive duck calling and call building brought him home. John was the youngest to ever qualify for the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest at the age of 13 under the tutelage of the late Butch Richenback, founder of Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls. After his first time of competing in the World’s Championship, John went on to win the World’s Championship its maximum of 3 times in 1995, 1998 and 2005; recently culminating his competitive career in 2015 wining the coveted Champion of Champions.

Shawn Stahl

Co-Host and assistant producer of RNT-V, World Goose Calling Champion and RNT Goose Guru, Shawn Stahl has been a pioneer in the Waterfowl Industry for almost 15 years designing and developing hunting products, and teaching thousands to call geese through all forms of media and personal instruction. Shawn is a true all around professional in the waterfowl and outdoor television industry.