Winchester World of Whitetail with Ron Spomer

Winchester World of Whitetail Airing on The Sportsman Channel!

The World of Whitetail is a hard-core whitetail hunting series with a behind-the-scenes reality look into the life of series host, Ron Spomer. Ron’s background enables him to reveal many of the secrets of successful whitetail deer hunting and species biology behind America’s favorite big game species. We’ll vicariously follow Ron as he preps for hunts and get the inside scoop on his rituals, strategies and tactics that allow him continuous success harvesting older, mature bucks.

Through personal ‘walk and talk’ interviews we’ll learn about some of Ron’s favorite aspects of his life with whitetails, some of his favorite things and those that frustrate him about the world of whitetail hunting.

Ron is from a small town, farming family background in rural South Dakota. He began hunting small game and exploring the natural world as child, poking, prying, splashing and groping through the mud and weeds. Self-taught do-it-yourself hunter, naturalist, birder, wildlife photographer. Ron has spent last 40 years as licensed hunter, pursuing everything from bunnies and waterfowl to Harlequin quail and grizzly bears in North America. Have also hunted South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Harvested furs while working way through college, BS in English, University of South Dakota. Self-guided, wilderness backpack hunter. Have taken two bighorn sheep on my own, four Dalls and a Stone while guided. Many wilderness hunts for moose, elk, mountain goats, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou. Extensive hunting for whitetails, mule deer, pronghorns, black tails, Coues deer, etc. Seven African plains game safaris. Owned and trained labs, Springer’s, English setters over which I've taken all N.A. upland birds and most waterfowl.  Ron has photographed the natural world and its Wildlife around the globe; images published in hundreds of magazines, books, catalogs, ad campaigns.  Self-taught birder with over 500 NA species on life list. Strong curiosity about and interest in native plants, habitats, geology, ecology and their impact on wildlife populations and behavior.  He is a student of ballistics and optics. Hand loader of center fire cartridges and shot shells for 35 years.  Experience with dozens of brands/makes of firearms.  Former bow hunter. Authored six books on hunting and wildlife natural history. Articles published in well over 100 consumer magazines. Former information officer, writer, photographer for SD Game, Fish & Parks; Kansas Fish & Game. 

In Addition: Ron Spomer was awarded the Jack Slack Writer of the Year Award

“Ron Spomer’s skills in capturing just the right words and photographic images have earned him an audience that includes a wide range of hunters, naturalists and just about anyone who enjoys good reading,” said Mike Slake, Leupold’s marketing communications manager. “His love and respect for the outdoors…for hunting…and for conservation shines through in a body of work which includes six books as well as articles in more than 100 magazines. He is well qualified to join the list of distinguished writers who have received the Jack Slack Award.”

Spomer’s early focus on an outdoor writing career stems from a boyhood spent hunting, fishing and trapping in South Dakota. To that end he attended the University of South Dakota, where he received a degree in English, plus a teaching certificate which he says, “was a backup in case I couldn’t make it as a writer.”

After early success (he says, “my first five articles sold, but the next five didn’t”), he taught high school, worked as an information specialist for the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, and as a photographer for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks before returning to a full-time career as a freelance writer.

Since then Spomer has traveled six continents, hunting, photographing and writing about upland birds and waterfowl as well as small and big game for publications as diverse as Rifle, Sporting Classics to Audubon and Birder’s World. Books which he has written include: “The Rut: The Spectacular Fall Ritual of North American Horned and Antlered Animals, Predator Hunting: Proven Strategies That Work From East to West, The Hunter’s Book of the Whitetail, The Big Game Hunters Guide to Montana, and The Big Game Hunters Guide to Idaho.