Extend the versatility of your Winchester shotgun. Winchester Repeating Arms offers accessory/extra barrels for field, turkey and deer hunting. Sometimes accessory extra barrels don't get a lot of attention in our advertising and on our pages here on the Winchester Repeating Arms Website. It is true that they are actually just a small part of our business. But as hunters ourselves, we know of the real value of having the right barrel for the situation. Do you have any extra barrels for the same shotgun? I do. And for lots of good reasons.We offer an incredibly comprehensive line-up of extra barrels for Super X3 and SXP shotguns. An extra barrel can extend the usefulness of your shotgun by allowing you to use -- for example -- your Super X3 3 1/2"  receiver for both a 28" waterfowl barrel and a specialized turkey barrel, complete with extended tube and a shorter 24" barrel.

We have what you need. The most popular extra barrel setup is probably a rifled barrel for the Super X3. Turning your favorite field gun into an accurate slug gun is as easy as putting on the correct barrel. An added bonus is one that is often forgotten -- hunters traveling by air to a multi-game hunt, or to a hunt and shoot activity, only have to carry one action with how ever many barrels they bring. Less to carry around and convenient when checking in your luggage. Every barrel is produced to the same quality standards and general specifications as the barrel provided with your original gun. Of course, depending on what barrel you order, finishes may vary between gloss and matte finishes and camo and non-camo finishes, different camo patterns, etc. Make sure you choose the exact barrel you need for the action you have. (You will want to consult your dealer on this question.)