Dealer Website UI Assets

Dealer Website UI Assets

These media assets are specifically for UI/UX developers for websites highlighting Winchester firearms.

For Winchester Repeating Arms dealers. If you are a dealer who wishes to highlight the Winchester products you sell in your store, we have provided a few web banners to make it easier to create headings for each section. These are produced solely for the use of Authorized Winchester Repeating Arms Dealers. If you are an authorized dealer you have permission to use these images. All images are copyright Winchester Repeating Arms 2018 and as with all Winchester Repeating Arms images, written copy and other media assets, specific permission is required to use logos and other assets if you are not already a Dealer. 

Saving images to your computer -- Refer this page to your web development team for these easy instructions. Click on the "jpg" link under the photo you wish to download. The image will load in your browser. Depending on your browser and OS, generally you can right click and select save on a PC, or click and hold for a Mac. Multiple (resolutions) are provided. We recommend downloading from a desktop PC or Mac.

Descriptive copy. Use or edit this descriptive copy to use as a part of your heading for each model section of your website:

There isn’t a more iconic brand in American firearms than Winchester Repeating Arms. Founded in 1866, Winchester perfected lever-action rifles like the Model 1873, “The Gun That Won the West” and the Model 1894, the most popular lever-action in history. Every modern bolt-action rifle is still measured against the Winchester Model 70, a legendary benchmark that’s renowned around the globe as “The Rifleman’s Rifle.” The newest Winchester XPR and XPC rifles continue this tradition of excellence. The Super X4 and Super X Pump, the fastest-cycling, most reliable shotguns on the planet proudly bear the Winchester name. Remember, when you carry a Winchester, you’re carrying history in your hands.

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