Winchester Logos

Logos are available in three different formats: JPG, EPS & PNG. Listed below are descriptions of these formats to help you know which format is most appropriate for your needs.

  • JPG files are for use in any document or presentation that has a white background. This is a very friendly and easy to use format however it is not a format for use on backgrounds other than white.
  • EPS files are for use by printing professionals who need a very sharp, transparent reproduction in a printed document. Software like Adobe Illustrator is required to be able to open and view these files. This is a format you would send to your graphic design team.
  • PNG files have transparent backgrounds and are great for use in PowerPoint and other documents that require a file being placed on a non-white background.

After clicking on the PNG or JPG links, you will be able to see the file loaded on a new page in your web browser. At this point, right-click on the image and select "Save Picture As..." and save it to your computer to insert into your presentation or document. Clicking on an EPS link will directly download the file to the downloads folder on your computer.

Sub-Brand Logos

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