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Winchester Canada Firearms Catalog (Link to Page Turning Version)

In the last few decades, Winchester Repeating Arms catalogs have matured as a place to not only find great products but also to experience great illustrations and photographs that stir the anticipation of the hunt. The current CANADA version of the Winchester Catalog is now available using digital page-turning technology.

Current Winchester Firearms Rebates and Special Offers

Here at the Canada office of Winchester Repeating Arms we constantly work to provide you with the great products you want. And sometimes we offer special incentives -- like rebates and other offers -- to make it even more fun to buy a Winchester rifle or shotgun.

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Authorized Service Centers in Canada.

The Canada Office of Winchester Repeating Arms has specific, helpful ways for obtaining service, repairs or parts for you Winchester Repeating Arms rifle or shotgun. Using our Canada network of independent service centers and parts distribution centers will expedite any service your firearms need. 

About us.

We are headquartered in St-Laurent, Quebec for nearly 30 years. Importantly, we have a strong network of Authorized Winchester Repeating Arms dealers and service centers all across Canada. The history of Canada and the history of Winchester have been intertwined in unique ways over the past 150 plus years -- and today, Winchester rifles and shotguns remain a top choice for hunting and shooting in our uncommonly beautiful land and challenging weather conditions.  

It is important to know that our office is also the official headquarters for Browning firearms in Canada. If you call us, we will often answer "Browning Canada." 

Our office for both brands is a Canadian office for Winchester Repeating Arms, staffed by Canadians. who understand firearms ownership and hunting in Canada. 

Contact Information

Use our Dealer Locator to find Winchester Repeating Arms dealers all across Canada. 

5583 Chemin St-François
St-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1W6