Super X3 Semi-Auto Shotguns
Super X3 Semi-Auto Shotguns

Super X3 Semi-Auto Shotguns

Super X3 Semi-Auto Shotguns

Super X3 Shotguns are no longer in production. All great things come to an end ... or do they? Although production of the wildly popular Super X®3 autoloading shotgun came to an end in 2018, its legacy of speed and reliability is well represented in the Winchester bloodline with the Super X®4. The Super X4 features the same gas-operated Active Valve system that was the soul of the Super X3, and adds a number of new features that elevate it into a class of its own. 

Be part of the Super X3 following. Shooters of Super X3 shotguns are a quiet bunch. They don't say too much or brag too much. They just go about their business taking more ducks and geese, more pheasants and grouse and more turkeys and deer in the toughest, widest ranging temperatures and weather conditions around. At times and places and conditions where the competition will fail.

Dawn to dusk. The Super X3 has one of the most iron-clad reputations in the shotgun world. For over a decade it has lead all others as the most durable, robust, dawn-to-dusk workaholic shotgun there is. It never gives up. It never surrenders. Period. So, the next time you run into a Super X3 owner pry a bit and you will learn a few secrets about the original "Super" autoloader.

This is a great time to be a lover of Winchester Repeating Arms and especially the Super X3 family of shotguns. Feel it for yourself. The bold look of the Super X3 is more than just aesthetic. The stock, grip and forearm dimensions are slimmer for a lighter, more controlled feel. Contributing to the feeling of lightness is an ultralight alloy magazine tube and recoil spring system that removes a half pound of weight. The lightweight barrel further reduces weight with a narrow profile and a machined rib. Inside the barrel you'll find .742" Back-BoredTechnology for the ideal combination of shot uniformity and velocity.

Active Valve and more. Winchester Repeating Arms is respected for producing reliable, good looking, top performing shotguns. Our latest Super X3 models are no different. The self-adjusting Active Valve ensures speed, recoil reduction and durability in all conditions. An entirely new look with flowing lines adds a modern flare. Shoulder a Super X3 to feel the future of Winchester Firearms. You get exactly the same speed  he used to break the hand throw clay target record and the speed record in every Super X3 --  plus a lot of other great features. 

Durability. The Super X3 mechanism has undergone testing where a total of 5,000 rounds were fired without a single malfunction. Ammunition and other conditions can affect results, but 5,000 rounds under any conditions is extraordinary and reaffirms the integrity and durability of the Winchester Super X3 design.

The Super X3 is critic tested. It is considered by many outdoor writers as among the most reliable autoloaders ever built. The new Super X3 is ready to hunt as hard as you do. Whether it's walking endless grain fields, slogging through marshlands or chilling out in a treestand, you can count on the SX3 to be there when you need it most. The Super X3 blends the proven technology of our Active Valve™ gas system with updated features and distinctive styling to create a line of autoloaders that are ready for any hunting challenge - as you've come to expect from all Winchester firearms.

Welcome to the wetlands. Unlike you, the SX3 is impervious to extreme cold. The stock and forearm feature contours that enhance the effectiveness of the camouflage, and make a normally bland camo gun look awesome. The slender stock and forearm dimensions improve feel, especially with heavy gloves. Ducks, geese, snipe, coots, whatever . . . the Super X3 has proven it will do the job in any weather.

  • Self-adjusting Active Valve provides world-class performance, firing five shells in about a half second
  • New patented next generation Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad absorbs recoil, and the hard heel insert provides a slick surface that won't grab clothing when shouldering
  • Lightweight alloy magazine tube and recoil spring system trim weight by half a pound

Super X3 Shotguns have had three metal finishes over time: 1) camo dip, 2) Perma-Cote™ UT and 3) a traditional blued finish. All three have different advantages. Most today are blued or camo and have different care requirements. Check your gun's specifications for the finish.